Wall constructions are always subjected to humidity. And the moisture or destructive microorganisms, the occurrence of which it favors, are only the tip of the iceberg of possible difficulties. When the water penetrates into the wall surface, different chemical compounds cause the metal structure failure. And it doesn’t have to be concrete. It also refers to brick and stone. What’s in the end? Premature deterioration of the construction. How to prevent it? Waterproofing walls will help you!

The most optimal method lies in complex walls waterproofing both for internal and external areas of the construction foundation.

Unfortunately, the external walls waterproofing is possible only in the process of the construction erection, or it demands the foundation excavation. The only way is to conduct the internal walls waterproofing.

Internal waterproofing with penetrant effect

Generally, internal walls waterproofing is conducted in many methods. Everything depends on the material applied. For example, there exist compositions based on so-called “dilating cements”.

Another method – membranes, protecting the wall constructions surface from humidity. And finally, the third and the most widespread method comes down to the penetrant waterproofing.

The described water proofing is popular among specialists in many reasons. The main one is the presence of unique service performance, that not only protects the concrete from water, but also provides it with new features.

As a result, concrete constructions become more solid and longstanding. The humidity simply can’t penetrate into its structure and cause damage.

The penetrant water proofing key point comes down to the following. At first, a special composition with cement, sand and modifying additives is applied to wall constructions. It is made after the mixture dilution with water, then the required wall is applied with a thin layer.

When the penetrant walls water proofing makes contact with water occurring into the concrete article, it penetrates inside at a depth of 150 mm. Restrictors, through which the composition penetrates, are sealed with waterproofing crystals. The important moment – the material won’t lose its breathing ability.

It’s important! The water proofing should be applied to a watered and moisture-saturated surface. Dry surface should be amply moistened.

As works are conducted from the inside, is can be made in any season. What is important, is that the environment temperature corresponds the specified level.

The last message

Try to conduct sufficient works from both sides. The complex protection always handles the assigned tasks better than the common one. When it is impossible to conduct it, use penetrant in the concrete compositions.