Water proofing is a package of measures aimed to constructions and structures protection from humidity devastating impact. Water proofing is an important stage in finishing work. It preserves the insulant and under-roof structures waterproofing and is used for structures humidity protection.

Waterproofing sealants types

According to waterproofing experts, to make your house, basement, garage and other objects dry and inaccessible for water the following concrete waterproofing sealants will help you: penetrating, joint, surface, water blockage and concrete admixture.

Penetrating sealant is irreplaceable for construction inner waterproofing in case of water capillary penetration through the concrete slab. Due to improper penetration this compound makes concrete waterproof in the whole structure extent. And concrete vapor permeability stays the same, in other words, after the treatment with this compound concrete is “breathing”.

Joint sealant makes joints, cracks and cuts in concrete structures inaccessible for water. Due to elastic fibers application this waterproof sealant carries even dynamic forces in joint.

Surface sealant creates hard thin-layer water proofing that can carry both back and direct water pressure equal to water pressure at a depth of about 150 meters (15 atmospheres or 1,5 MPa). It is essential to note that surface sealant is perfect for application to monolithic concrete structures flat surface.

Water blockage can tightly close even intense leaks when other measures don’t help. This sealant fastens for 1-2 minutes and allows to eliminate all, even pressure leaks during structure waterproofing repairing.

Concrete admixture is used during the construction in order to make the concrete waterproof at once. This sealant is used on the concrete grout creation stage which allows to get concrete of high strength to M600, waterproofing to W20 and frost-resistance to F600. The concrete admixture expense varies within 1-3% of cement mass in concrete or mortar mixes. Plus, concrete admixture application allows not only to produce high-impact hydraulic concretes, but also to reduce cement expense for 15-25%. At that the final product quality is preserved – we get a concrete with specified characteristics and low prime cost. Economical effect is obvious what is an essential advantage of this product. Especially in periods of cement deficiency.

All listed above waterproofing sealants are comfortable in use and екфтызщкефешщтю They are delivered to the market prepackaged in branded packaging. At that all the information necessary for this product consumers is indicated on labels.