Waterproofing products are used for engineering structures, roof coating, constructions and buildings protection from water and lysed in it chemical agents impact that can cause damage, corrosive damage or debase construction unit operational characteristics, that can lead to construction or building standard operation method failure.

Waterproofing product types

According to its composition waterproofing products can be:

  • bitum
  • mineral
  • polymer
  • metallic

According to appliance waterproofing products can be divided into:

  • paint
  • glued
  • plaster
  • molten
  • treating
  • injectable
  • top-charging
  • inserting

According to physical condition waterproofing materials can be:

  • mastic
  • powder
  • roll
  • membranous
  • film

Waterproofing product performance specifications

Bolts have obtained a wide circulation in old layout houses, but despite more effective waterproofing products availability, today they are in stable requisition. Bolt has cardboard base that is treated with waterproofing makeup (brizol, bitumen felt, asbestos felt, fibre-glass roofing material, hydrobutyl).

Toll waterproofing tacking sequence is mostly applied to roofs, more rarely – to floors. The waterproofing product costs are quite low, especially if they are bought wholesale. In general these products “love” horizontal surface.

Mastic is a plastic glue binding agent and dispersive filler basing composition. It is designed for interpanel and bearing-wall building joints waterproofing. It is usually applied with gap waterstopping as a waterproofing product. Thermoplastic and thermoset polymers are used for waterproofing mastic preparation. Bitum-polymer mastics are widely used. Water dispersions and different rubber solutions are used as polymer for its preparation. Bitum-furan, polymethylen-bitum, epoxide-bitum and epoxide-carbonous mastics are also can be used as waterproofing products.

Powders are synthetic gum, cement and different admixtures (hardeners, plasticizers) basing makeups. Its sale is realized in dry place. They are poured on-the-job.

Hydrophobizator is a silicon, organic solvent, hydrosilicic acid derivant ether basing makeup that can be soaked up by concrete surface.

Membranes are functional and light products for wall and house roof coating waterproofing. Any catalogue or price list includes three waterproofing element types: polyethylene films, membranes, polypropylene films.

The waterproofing products review will allow to discover that membranes are more resistant to thermal, chemical, mechanical exposures.