Waterproofing products USA

Waterproofing works is an important step for reliable and long-life building construction. This is why if is very important to pick the material that will provide long service and reliable corrosion protection.

Waterproofing materials

Penetron — is one of the USA waterproofing products that is rightfully considered to be a leader among waterproofing products.


Penetron is a dry construction mix that consists of special cement, glass sand of a specific gradation, patent active chemical admixtures.


Penetron is used for waterproofing of built-up and monolithic concrete and ferro-concrete construction surfaces.

It improves concrete waterproofing, durability, freeze-thaw durability indexes, protects the construction from aggressive environments attacks: acids, alkalis, waste and subterranean waters, sea water.

It is used for waterproofing surfaces that have pinholes and cracks with opening width 0,4 mm max.

Penetrant waterproofing product Penetron advantages

  • Penetrant sealing is unexposed to mechanical wear because the concrete itself has waterproofing properties. The sealing lifespan is equal to concrete lifespan and by means of concrete waterproofing this period increases.
  • Penetrant sealing Penetron has unique self-healing abilities for cracks, pinholes and other defects that inevitably occur on any concrete structures when operating with opening 0,5 mm max. If water penetrates into new pinholes, the crystal growth recommences.
  • Penetron doesn’t influence main concrete mix physical properties: consistency, durability, setting up time, and so on, apart from waterproofing qualities. Concrete treated with Penetron saves vapor resistance.

USA waterproofing product Penetron will help even in conditions when other dry construction mixes can’t. Usually sealing has surficial nature. Applying surficial waterproofing products to the concrete surface we create a protective layer that prevents water penetration.

Penetrant sealing Penetron working principle

When applying liquid solution of penetrant sealing Penetron to wet concrete, a high chemical potential is being created on the surface, at that the concrete internal structure keeps low chemical potential. Osmosis tends to equilibrate the potential differential; the osmotic pressure occurs. Thanks to osmotic pressure presence active chemical components of Penetron penetrate deep inside the concrete structure. The higher humidity of the concrete structure is, the more effective the process of active chemical component penetration into the concrete goes on.