Waterproofing paint is a simple and practical way to cope with the water dripping problem. The abundance of qualitative metal, concrete and ferro-concrete waterproofing paint helps to conduct surface waterproofing package of measures. These measures are very important, because they allow to increase the construction durability, to further safety and reliability, to keep pleasing view for a significant period of time. Waterproofing paint finds wide application and matches for different materials.

Waterproofing paint particularities

The coating is developed for waterproofing all kinds of internal and external surface, upper and lower ground level. The paint perfectly covers cracks and surface roughness. It can be applied to stone, breeze blocks, plaster, brick, battering walls, foundation walls, basement, garage walls, internal and external pool walls, and others. Waterproofing compounds will provide good security to your balcony, porch, roof, basement, foundation, pipe connection, industrial storage basin, hydraulic structure, cistern and many others. It is better to pick lacquer coating according to specific purposes, to get a perfect result.

Waterproofing paint advantages

Waterproofing paint has a number of advantages:

  • latex based formula guarantees waterproofing for at least 10 years;
  • withstands 7 metres per square decimetre water wall pressure;
  • for internal and external application to vertical surface;
  • apply higher or lower ground level;
  • Ā«breathingĀ» film doesn’t hold humid in masonry;
  • hides surface roughnesses, prevents surface alligatoring and blooming;
  • Easily applies with brush or roller;
  • environmentally friendly, safe for environment, odour-free;
  • reduces rhodonas penetration degree;
  • organic volatile impurity level less than 100 g/l.

Waterproofing paint applying

Waterproofing paint appliance supposes base preparation, waterproof coating, fence creation, joint packing. Metal, concrete and ferro-concrete waterproofing paints have a number of important advantages. They are very persistent to constant or temporal water external input, to acid, alkali solutions, give longstanding protective action, perfectly cover cracks, are able to work at -60 – +100C, don’t demand additional care, safe for people and environment. With this paint you can create a neat reliable surface appearance that provides two functions simultaneously: protects and ornaments. Nowadays nobody puts waterproofing measures in question, because experience has shown that metal, concrete, ferro-concrete waterproofing paint is a perfect protection not only from humid, but also from other different external inputs.