The polymer membrane water proofing and bitum-polymer roll material torch-welded water proofing fundamental distinctive feature is in the solid sticking to the bottom absence.

Polymer membranes has the following advantages: they don’t demand careful bottom surfacing, they have almost zero water absorption level, high ageing, molding and rooting resistance level.

PVC waterproofing membrane LOGICROOF T-SL

LOGICROOF T-SL membrane is made of high quality european components on present-day processing equipment by a coextrusion method, which is the most modern PVC membrane production method for today.

LOGICROOF T-SL is an unreinforced double-layer waterproofing foundation membrane based on plasticized polyvinyl chloride with bright-yellow signal layer. Polymer membrane signal layer allows to easily detect the damaged membrane area for color shifting in the assembly process and to take necessary measures to repair it.

For structural units waterproofing PVC membrane LOGICROOF T-SL 1,5 mm and 2,0 mm thick are used.

PVC membrane, water proofing

Before roll materials assembly it is better to eliminate all the sharp tongues and to make throatings in order to membrane destruction in the course of trench refilling with soil and in the process of structure exploitation didn’t occur. Necessary roller length, places and directions of its jointing are being measured. It is necessary to prevent contact with all materials containing bitum, fat, tar, oils, solvents, and also to exclude the contact with polymer materials of foamed polystyrene, polyisocyanate, phenol-containing foams that can strongly influence material properties.

Horizontal water proofing

The material is applied to horizontal bottom according to the following technology. Apply lining of needle-punched heat-treated geotextile TechnoNICOLE weighing 300-500 g/m2 to prepared bottom. Waterproofing membrane LOGICROOF T-SL is applied above the geotextile TechnoNICOLE. The welding is proceeded with double joint and central air-vent formation that allows to control welding impermeability.

Vertical water proofing

The waterproofing foundation membrane is attached to vertical constructions using button welding with hot air to metallic elements with PVC coating or PVC rondels, mechanically attached to the bottom through lining layer. Vertical rondel line is recommended to be placed as close as possible to the roller center. Above the laid waterproofing membrane LOGICROOF T-SL a protective heat-bonded geotextile layer weighing 500 g/m2 is being applied. Above the protective layer the polyethylene film 200-300 mym thick is being applied. To the vertical surface polyethylene film is attached to the geotextile with double-sided adhesive tape.