For reliability the basement walls waterproofing is made horizontally and vertically. The waterproofing method differs due to subterranean water level. Vertical country house basement wall waterproofing is made mostly outside. All basement wall waterproofing works can be made by yourself.

Horizontal basement wall waterproofing

Horizontal basement wall waterproofing from subterranean water is made in two layers all the way around the foundation. The lower waterproofing layer is applied in the lower foundation part 100 mm lower the basement floor, the upper waterproofing layer is applied in basement 200-250 mm higher the ground level. Thus we have double foundation waterproofing so that there is no need in waterproofing layer over the foundation.

Depending on the foundation construction it is not always possible to make the waterproofing in the middle of the basement (200-250 mm higher the ground level) all the way around the foundation. Then we can find another way how to waterproof. If, for example, the foundation is columnar and walls are closed with fencing, you can make the foundation and fencing waterproofing on the same level if possible. If foundation columns are solid-cast, you can place the waterproofing on the column top and the fencing foundation 200-250 mm above the ground.

Vertical basement wall waterproofing

Vertical basement wall waterproofing is made outside in below-grade foundation walls.

If the subterranean water level is always lower the basement, it will be enough to coat the outside wall part that is placed under the ground with heated bitumen. They apply two bitumen layers about 3-5 mm thick each. Instead of bitumen you can use roll isolating material.

In case of the springtime flood period when the subterranean water level may be higher than the basement floor, first of all brick and stone basement wall are rendered from the outside with cement mortar 1:3 proportion. Walls are rendered up to the foundation brim. Next basement wall waterproofing layers are made to the ground level, and if the subterranean water level is high — 500 mm above it.

In addition to basement wall waterproofing, they also make so-called «lock»: elastic laying between basement wall and floor inside, also between the wall and the ground outside. For this purpose they take a fibre packing bale, pull out a fiber packing string 50-100 mm thick. The fiber packing is moistened with hot asphaltic mastic or with asphalt and is applied on the basement wall and floor joint inside. Outside the house the space between the wall and the ground is filled with strong clay at a depth of 250-300 mm. Soil is sprinkled over the clay.