waterproofing sealant for showers 2016

The right choice of waterproof sealant for showers will guarantee you not only the absence of leaks but also the protection from fungus and mildew. The second property is even more important, because «leaking» waterproof sealant can be replaced partially of completely, but it is quite difficult to eliminate the fungus in humid environment.

What waterproof sealant is to pick

In order to answer the question “what waterproof sealant is better to pick for showers”, at first it is important to know what materials the shower carcass is made of. But apart from that the components of the sealant composition are also very important.

The thing is that the acid and aggressive solvents are strictly contraindicated for acrylic surface and plastic. So before the application it is important to carefully examine the specifications.

Polyurethane waterproof sealants

Polyurethane-based compounds are in the leading group among sanitary waterproof sealants according to the durability. When buying, it is important to pay attention that there were no acid and organic solvents in sealants. Otherwise the acrylic base edge will be hopelessly spoiled.

Acrylic waterproof sealants

There are acrylic sealants on sale that, according to its name, should fit perfect to the cheap showers material. Unfortunately such compounds are effective only for dry environment. They are used for treatment and filling of cracks in concrete, plaster, between gypsum plasterboards and so on.

Silicone waterproof sealants

The best waterproofing for showers is a silicone sanitary one. It doesn’t only firmly joint and fill all cracks and seams, but also prevents mildew and bacteria occurrence that tend to grow fast in humid and warm environment. Plus silicone waterproof sealant perfectly interacts with organic glass and acryl without destructing its surface. It is enough only to check that different admixtures based on organic solvents weren’t included into its composition. One of clues is its price. Neat silicone waterproof sealant costs more than different admixtures based in it.

Waterproof sealant application

Regardless of the waterproof sealant type it is important to perform works of its application right. The point is that even the most durable reinforced acrylic base tends settle and to flex under the load. This is why before the work it is necessary not only to clean and to treat with spirit all joints but also to put into the base a weight equal to an adult man mass. Then all joints and cracks will come out to a “working” position and you will be able to apply the waterproof sealant. The base should be under the load before complete compound drying out.