The material that is used for waterproofing joints around the pool is called waterproof sealant for pools — it is also used for delivery points of water-supply tubes jointing. These are so-called «sanitary» waterproofing materials that are mostly silicone.

Waterproofing products for swimming pools provide elasticity in order that build-up construction elements don’t damage in case of shrinkages and temperature deformations preventing humidity penetration through joints.

Waterproofing mastics

Joint filling is performed with solidifying and non-solidifying mastics and elastic sealing layers.

Most of all as a sealant for swimming pool they use rubber-bitum mastics and polysulphide rubbers (thiokols):

  • Mastic ISOL is a composite compound of rubber crumb received in the process of waste rubber, spray asbestos, bitum, cumarone resin and anthracene oil (as an antiseptic agent) milling It is applied as a protective coat and for vapor barrier cold adhesion with benzine, ligroin, green oil and other solvents. Hot mastic is used after having heated it up to the boiling point (80-1000C).
  • Thiokol mastics are received after mixing thiokol paste with vulcanizing agent, liquefier, vulcanization accelerator. As a result of the vulcanization the mortar solidifies right in joint and gradually transforms into elastic black densifier.
  • Non-solidifying mastic is made of polyisobutylene, softening agent in the nature of neutral oil and mineral additive, like chalk, limestone or other powdery material. To fill joints they use air-operated pressure gun with plug-in cartridges, heated in heat chamber in advance.

Waterproofing mastic is applied in plastic stage with special tool that has interchangeable heads designed for joint configuration. Thanks to them the mastic fills joints and horizontal and vertical joint crossing points well.

Expansion strips

The base for expansion strips production are synthetic gums, polyurethanes, rubber. As waterproofing sealant for pools are used the following:

  • Gernit – an expansion strip with porous structure that has the form of a tow on the surface of which there is a waterproofing film made of polychloropren rubber. Gernit strips length is three meters, its diameter – 2, 4, 6 cm.
  • Poroisol – porous elastic tows of waste rubber (chips), softening, antiseptic and blowing agents. It is produced in the form of tows with rectangular cross-section 3×4 cm and 4×4 cm and circular cross-section with the diameter 1-6 cm.

In places of mastic preparation and waterproofing work performance it is not allowed to use open fire and to smoke.