The corrosion process can lead both to partial and to full insufficience, it also influences negatively to the visual environment of the whole structure.

Metal is used almost everywhere – support structures, bridges, under- and above-water constructions, different kinds of transport and so on. In close dry and warm rooms the corrosion process is also performed, but it is much more slow. And metal that is located in the open air and is being affected every second by atmospheric effect and precipitation (snow, rain, fog, humidity, dew and so on) impact falls for rusting much faster.

In order to provide metal ware with solid protection from rust and to make it perform its duties long and properly, it is recommended to use waterproof sealants for metal.

Waterproof sealants

There exist a number of different kinds of waterproof sealants. They protect metal from corrosive attack of different level. It can be primer, as well as intermediate and finish coatings.

The sealant selection depends in the conditions in which metal is located: it can be a room where the main reason of rust occurrence is the condensate water (low corrosion level), or port structure where metal is influenced not only by water and atmospheric effects, but also by saltings and different kind of chemical agents (high corrosion level).

The metal treatment (priming) back in plant conditions, even before it gets to the production, is an optimum alternative. It saves builders’ time, creates more favorable conditions for paintwork materials treatment and drying, also it allows to lower emission release into the atmosphere.

Anticorrosion paints

Anticorrosion paints are designed for solid protection of metal structures from aggressive environmental action and metal oxidation process neutralizing, leading to its damage and corrosion. For today, painting is the simplest and the most available waterproof sealant for metal surface. Specific chemical composition of anticorrosion paint allows to create the coating that preserves and recreates metal structures, that significantly extends its service life. Anticorrosive paints of high quality are different for its simplicity in use and application, there is no need in deep cleaning of working surface, it combines with other types of paintwork materials, it includes active chemical composition that prevents and stops metal corrosion, it is atmosphere and chemical attacks resistant, environmental friendly and long-lasting. The paint and protection scheme selection is performed taking into account the metal structure operating environment, climatic conditions of specific region and conditions of coating application.