Waterproofing sealant for metal

The application of special waterproofing pastes gives any metal the reliability and durability. For example the waterproofing for metal surfaces should have:

  • good elasticity;
  • perfect adhesion with metal surface;
  • excessive vibration resistance;
  • high water-repellant properties;
  • high resistance to atmospheric action of any kind.

According to the type of transformation to operation condition there exist materials of the following types:

  • non-hardening that don’t change their properties after application. This is a perfect solution for sealing of joints of diverse configuration. Non-hardening waterproof sealant for metal should be distinguished by good adhesion, outdoor and water resistance. Working temperature range with saving of its properties is 200 degrees, starting from -60°С up to +140°С;
  • hardening that transform its condition or as the result of drying out, in other words the graduation. According to the application method they are distinguished from non-hardening ones by the fact that their components are mixed right before starting waterproofing works.

Picking a waterproof sealant

It is quite easy to pick a waterproof sealant for metal surface. On the one hand, a wide enough range, on the other hand, a special importance of material quality. If take into account the unfortunate results to which the application of the material for metal of poor quality can lead, first of all it is important to look for it among products of popular brands. If you are not sure in your choice of sealant, or you are afraid that the compound that you have picked won’t justifies your expectations, it is better to ask for help of a specialist that will help you to make a right choice.

How to work with waterproof sealant

Today a silicone type has gained a wide spread. Its application is so simple that it allows to perform all the necessary work without professional involvement. As in work with any material, there are also some peculiarities in this process. For example, the condition of reliable joint waterproofing is considered the following proportion of its depth and width – it shouldn’t be more than 2:3.

Usually the joint depth is big, then a special polyethylene cord is being inserted into it in advance for characteristics adjustment.

Before applying the waterproof sealant it is important to carefully prepare surfaces: clean, deoil, and in some cases prime in addition.

In order to get smooth surface they use a putty knife with a width suitable to the joint width, designed for these purposes, or special smoothing compounds and sprays. It is important to mention that the silicone waterproof sealant drying out time is defined by depth and width of filled joint, but otherwise for the initial setting of viscous mass a little time is required.