If floor coating is laid improperly such unpleasant thing like creak can occur. In joint places there is the possibility of gaps and cracks occurrence. Waterproofing for laminate flooring will help you to avoid these and many other problems.

What waterproof sealant is needed for

The reason of annoying creak also can be wrong base coat type or irregular base. As a result, stacked planks of laminate flooring are permitted to “sweep” in spots where panels join together. After a while the interlock starts to wallow out, joints that were undistinguishable transform into big cracks. This is why a strong creak in laminate flooring occurs.

In order to increase the interlock lifespan such component as waterproof sealant for laminate flooring is recommended to use. Perfect water-repellent properties allow to protect interlock systems of laminate flooring from water attack and further drying out. As a result of which a long service is guaranteed for them. Those joints that were treated with waterproof sealant stick perfectly tight, manage with all the loads during the operation period and they don’t bloat and don’t change their properties.

Waterproof sealant for laminate flooring properties

Waterproof sealants for laminate flooring are silicone-based that gives them high physicotechnical and operational characteristics. They have such properties as elasticity, durability and longevity. The service temperature during the construction and in the process of operation is large enough. Waterproof sealants perfectly manage with its main purpose — joints, gaps and seams sealing protecting them from water penetration.

Laminate floor sealer application

After having picked required joint sealant for laminate flooring waterproofing works begin. Remove previous waterproof compound if necessary.

Then you need to form joint right. Using sealant the seam should get the liberty in movement that is why the compound should adhere with side joint faces.

In order to avoid sealant adhesion to the back face a special interlaying layer is used. At that the material of this layer shouldn’t adhere with the sealant. A polythene tape, foamed polypropylene in the form of a cord can be such layer.

Take a tube with sealant and put its spout into the joint at a 45 degrees angle. Press the running bottom and apply a certain quantity of sealant. The application of special pistol will significantly ease the procedure.

When squeezing the sealant apply it in such a way that its part doesn’t stand proud the seam. For sealant smoothing sprinkle it with soap solution and smooth the sealant surface with fingers.

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