Water in basement clean up. How to clean?

There can be several reasons for water occurrence in the basement, The main one lays in large quantity of precipitations during downpours. It can also be the snow melting, As a result, the «watering» of the area and the house flooding occur. Such reason can lay in the ground water regime failure. It is also important to pay attention to pipe break. Anyway, if water occurred, there is no time for determination of reasons, the room should be saved immediately.

Water deflation

Of course for water in basement clean up it is necessary to deflate all the water. It can be performed by drainage pump. Drainage pumps are designed for polluted water deflation, including those with mechanical admixtures, rubbish, dirt. Even though they have low power, they create strong pressure – 6-10 m. Its productivity is about 3-15 m3/h. They are good for basement, cellar, vegetable grave, garage, private home and socular floors of high-rise buildings.

If water in the basement is strongly polluted, it has fibrous inclusions, big-sized rubbish, it is better to use sanitary pump here.

If water has already occurred in the basement, bottom the pump, placing any sheet material underneath it. You can make a hollow in the floor and put the pump in it. In this case it will work as submersible one.

If there is a danger of the room flooding, you can set up the water level on float switch in advance. When water gets this level the pump will switch on by itself. Water will be drained. This dunction is very comfortable, especially if you are absent and water begins to occur. The minimal level of this switch on some drainage pumps is 5 mm.

If water doesn’t drain out the basement, wait until it’s gone naturally. Then you can start repairing basement waterproofing.

When water has gone, ventilate the room. Bring out all the stuff from it, wooden shelves, metal racks, baskets, trays, food stores. Clean the basement floor carefully. Find out how to clean it as fast as possible, in order to take care of its drying.

Basement drying

It is preferably for the basement to dry out naturally. It need more than two days. Then – it’s time for accelerated drying. It is more important to do in fall or winter. For accelerated basement drying you can use small self-made brazier. Any metal bucket will be good for this purpose. Place it in the middle of the room and start up fire in it. Watch for flame not to burn out, and throw wood. Hot air coming from the fire, will replace humid one, that stayed too long in the basement. As a result, basement walls will warm up and dry out well. And in the meantime, the smoke will kill all insects, mildew and fungus puffs.