Water damage is a frequently occurred disaster that causes a significant damage to the house.

In this case it is better to start water damage repair and finish in the apartment only after its cause determination. As a rule, ceiling is the part that suffers the most at such disaster. Only big water damage can cause an irreparable damage to the floor and interior furnishing.

It is easier when there is a stretched ceiling in the apartment. Such construction can hold up to 120 liters of water for 1 sq. m.

If the ceiling is made of gypsum plasterboard, including a water-resistant one, so it will be necessary to build-down such coverage. The base underneath this material need to be treated from fungus occurring, to be repaired and plastered.

Treating walls

The case is a bit different with painted walls and ceiling. It is possible to remove this matter from coverages with putty knife. Then wet ceiling and walls areas should be dried out well. For this purpose you can use air conditioner or ventilator. At that it is necessary to take into account that air circulation in the room should be kept.

As soon as this process is complete, you can start covering walls and ceiling with acrylic paint. Apply emulsion with even and this layer. As for primer and other materials, everything depends here on the plaster quality. At that it is necessary to take into account that if you can use primer emulsion for walls for absorbent reinforcement, for ceiling it is necessary to buy primers and plasters with silica powder and acrylic resins.

Repair work

Of course, it will take less time to the apartment water damage repair, if only construction materials of high quality were used for its improvement before.

But even in this case it will be necessary to build-down some elements at first and then to start repair works.

All priming areas are recommended to be treated with cement sealer that allows to even it with putty knife. At that it is better to take into account that the rub-in is better to perform before and after sealing. For this purpose special fungicides are used. Ventilate the apartment in order to avoid draughts and to provide proper ventilation when drying out.

You can start paint walls or hang wallpapers only after full drying out of all surfaces under repair. In other case wallpapers will come unstuck and paint will flake away and blisters will appear on walls and ceiling.

However, sometimes it is necessary to seal walls, and no in some separate part, but entirely. The main detail in this question is the danger of all parts and areas that are possible for cleaning walls and ceiling because of its impropriety: sealing cleaning, paint layers looseness. These procedures can be performed both mechanically, with metal putty knife, and with special electric tool.

Picture source: http://waterdamage702.com