Steel corrosion protection is one of the most important problems for today. This is due to the fact that steel construction lease and production are quite pricy, so it is better to prevents its occurrence and to repair coatings that protect metal when operating.

Some specialists recommend to use paintwork materials for corrosive processes preventative measures. In fact they can’t protect the steel completely, they need constant replacement and renovation.

Protection methods

In the whole world to prevent corrosion occurrence on steel surface they use different coatings – zinc, aluminum and other ones. They are applied in the following way:

— dipping into special molten mass made of zinc or aluminum, or its alloys. Such coatings are applied to small pieces during the production operations;

— they use hot spraying that represents molten aluminum, or zinc, that were exposed to abrasive machining. It can be applied to steel structures even of a large size in the process of construction and during the production operations.

Particles that are being sprayed, hit the metal, there occurs the distortion, and as a result they spread out. This is exactly the way the protective film, that will resist to corrosion, is being formed.

The impact on the aggressive environment by the infusion of corrosion inhibitors in it is an effective way of corrosion control. Both individual inorganic compounds and its compositions are used as corrosion inhibitors. Chromates, wolframites, molybdates, vanadates of alkali metals have gained widespread currency among inorganic inhibitors. However, indicated inhibitors are expensive and contain highly-toxic components in the form of high-density metals.

Sometimes, when applying the coating, pockets and pores can occur in it. Because of them, external factors attack steel and it starts to collapse. For sponginess removing the surface should be saturated with polymer material that has the lowest shrinkage and ductility, also good adhesion and water affinity.

Combination coatings

Combination coatings that are used in industry, where the process of corrosive liquids interaction occurs, have approved themselves well. They are perfect for reinforcement steel, and also for other structures that are located in aggressive environment. There were performed researches that showed that combination structures have high performance index and can manage perfectly the longstanding structure protection in different environments. The steal corrosion protection is an important moment that can’t be left out of account, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money for construction replacement. It is much easier to prevent the destruction process and to save money.