The range of roof vent repair works is very wide — from complete removal with the following vent reconstruction, to remedial work.

Roof vent destruction causes

The roof vent repair need is occurred by two main reasons: natural and non-natural.

Natural causes are: roof vent moral and time aging, roof vent destruction caused by natural forces. And perhaps there is no other natural cause.

The number of non-natural causes is much bigger. Human factor, or simply the disorderliness, ignorance and greediness are its basis. These reasons act apart from the material of which roof vents or chimney stacks are made.

Here are the main non-natural causes:

  • deficient materials;
  • defective construction;
  • inexpert roof vent construction;
  • non-professional stone setters and constructors;
  • non-compliance of standards;
  • improper operation.

The reconstruction of defectively constructed roof vents demands bigger expenses than the regular construction on the basis of a correct project. Nevertheless if you have to fall back upon the repair works, don’t trigger a backflash again: call professional chimney sweeper, he will tell you how to repair roof vent.

Roof vent repair types

The rules of industrial roof vents operation provide the regular inspection, expert evaluation, assessment and roof vent repair (if necessary), that can be divided into two types: major and minor repair.

Minor repair presents works that are of a preventative nature, the objective of which is to prevent the further destruction of industrial or chimney stacks structure. The volume of works of minor repair depends on the roof vent expert evaluation results and on claims of people responsible for roof vent technical condition.

The major repair of roof vent consists of damage elimination, partial or fool replacement of damaged, worn parts of roof vent structures:

  • service ladder rings replacement;
  • lining replacement;
  • tube trunk heightening, repair, reinforcement;
  • foundation repair, reinforcement and son on.

The volume and complexity of major repair works depends on the expert evaluation and roof vent condition inspection results according to the developed documentation. Chimney stacks repair is performed only according to the corresponding order.

Expenses for competent roof vent construction will provide your tranquillity when operating and will release you from expenses for roof vent repair and reconstruction.

Roof vent repair types:

  1. destructed brick roof vent laying reconstruction;
  2. sleeves of special materials insertion into the hole;
  3. hole brick setting from the inside;
  4. measures against roof vent icing-up.