Roof leaking is an emergency situation that can occur after snowbreak or rain. If not to pay attention to it in time, the chronic stagnation can lead to roof, ceiling breaking-down, fungoid growth in the room, electric wiring fault, and so on.

Cause of leaking

The main cause of roof leaks is surface roof covering defects, stockage system breakdown, heat-insulated layer humidification and covering contiguous to vertical structures (barrier walls, aerials, pipes, walls) airtightness break. Such defects can vary in scale. Therefore, one needs insignificant repair, and others need professional interference and more complicated activity, up to roof replacement.

The following causes of leaking roof can be distinguished:

  • heat-insulated layer humidification by virtue of procedural violations;
  • not functional enough stockage system performance;
  • roof integrity and rafter system configuration mechanical defects;
  • installation procedure violation;
  • biological and atmospheric factors roof effect that leads to its natural damage;
  • defective fixing and roofing construction materials.

How to fix a roof leak

1. If metal roof is leaking
The leak of galvanized iron can be caused by:

  • mechanical defects;
  • corrosion;
  • air-tightness of joints that fix covering sheets failure.

More often gapes and leaks can be eliminated in the following way:

  • at first it is necessary to peel the damaged spot with wire brush;
  • then cut the repair patch out of roof construction material that will be 50-100 mm bigger than the damaged surface;
  • then cover the repair patch edges and damaged spot with flux material and solder them one to another with soldering machine;
  • after the solder alloy has cooled down, eliminate its surpluses with a riffler;
  • paint the roof entirely or partially, after finishing the work.

With small metal roof damages steal sheets should be replaced entirely, using electromechanical special devices for lock joints collaring.

2. If slated roof is leaking
The slated roof repair comes down to sealing of small spalls and cracks. For this purpose a special mortar that contains cement and silica fines in the ratio of 1:2 is used.

3. If profiled sheeting roof is leaking

The repair comes down to removing damaged sheets and to replacing it with new ones. Sometimes, with unsatisfactory professionals activity, in course of time there can occur leaks in junction points of construction material with roof boarding. It occurs in view of the fact that the self-tapping screw was screwed down at an angle with the sheet surface. Therefore, the rubber gasket is distorted and loses its water resistance. It is possible to eliminate the leak in such spots replacing the self-tapping screw by a new one and calking the gap with jointing compound.