Protective coatings

Protective coatings are used in anticorrosive working for metal isolation from corrosive environment. In order to provide suitable protection from corrosion the coating should be uniform, it should have suitable gripping power with basis metal, it should be proof from corrosive environment, evenly distribute over the surface, have high-wearing feature, heat and scratch resistance. Protective coatings can be metallic and nonmetallic.

Metallic protective coatings

Metallic protective coatings are applied to surface for its protection from corrosion, for hardening, electrical conduction, wear resistance and for ornamental purpose. Following the type of protection coatings can be divided into cathodic and anodic. The nature of such corrosion proofing is due to the fact that in relation to coating unit metallic coating can be an anode or cathode (it depends on the coating metal electrochemical characteristic).

Nonmetallic protective coatings

Nonmetallic protective coatings are used for metallic unit isolation, its protection from external impact (humidity), pleasing view allotment. It is accepted to divide nonmetallic protective coatings at varnish-and-paint, polymeric, gummings, lubricants, silicate enamel, badigeons ones.

Varnish-and-paint protective coatings

Such coating not only protects well the unit in different environment, but also allots it a pleasing view. Besides, varying the composition and utilizable materials they can get coatings with peculiar properties.

Polymeric protective coatings

Polymeric protective coatings are applied to the unit surface in hot resin in order to protect it from environment. The resin coating can be made by dipping, gas-thermal or fluidized bed coating, also by simple brush.

Protective gummings

Protective gummings can be made by gum and ebonite for different containers, pipe connections, cisterns, chemical equipments, basins for chemical materials transportation and storage protection from the environment. Protective gummings are good dielectrics, they have high resistance to many acids and alkalies.

Silicate enamels protective coatings

Silicate enamels protective coatings are used for units working with high temperatures, tensions, in very corrosive chemical active environments. The enamel protective coating forming can be made in «dry» and «wet» way.

Badigeon and lubricant protective coatings

Badigeon and lubricant protective coatings are used for metalware long term storage and transporting. Badigeons and lubricants are applied to the protected object surface with atomization, brush or peculiar sponge. After drying out the protective film is formed. It protects the unit from moisture, dust and different gaseous matters attack.