Personal beautiful pond is a dream of any cottager that visualizes and ideal picture with crystal-clear mirrorlike surface reflecting sun flecks. But it is important to remember that any pond effloresces and becomes soiled fast, and the cottager starts to wonder — how to perform the pond cleaning and how to fix pond leaks? Because only accurate care guarantees you clean, robust pond with healthy inhabitants.

Let’s consider main reasons of pond damages and pollution and methods of its elimination.

Defective water proofing

Sometimes pond pollution can be associated with waterproofing system disfunction. Concrete-enveloped bottom or walls can crack and dirt will start to penetrate. The main reason of crack occurrence can be subsidence or improper concrete mortar formulation.

In order to perform pond repair you need to drain the pond, clear cracks and to calk them with sealant in two layers. In case of heavy damages you need to clear cracks and calk them with mastic at first, then apply a layer of insulant. But such repair doesn’t guarantee that the concrete bottom won’t crack again. The surest method of leak elimination is a specific plastic cast application.

Special filter application

Pond cleaning with special filters is the most effective method. It is enough only to install a purifying filter with pump and to clean it periodically. Filters can be common mud ones purifying water from large dirt and silt, and biofilters with ultraviolet lamp that prevent malignant bacteria growth and help to protect fishes from sicknesses. The purifying filter operating principle consists of sucking-up and filtration of water through oil skimmers with pond bottom and surface dirt filtration.

Special-purpose suction cleaner application

The pond cleaning with your own hands is possible with help of a special-purpose suction cleaner that collects dirt from its bottom and surface. The silt pond cleaning is performed with this suction cleaner, it looks like a common one, but without the inner purifying filter. This suction cleaner sucks the water up inside the chamber and, when it’s full, turns off automatically, the storage should be freed from silt.

How to prevent mud occurrence in pond?

The timely pond cleaning with above-described methods will guarantee you the water surface cleanness and its inhabitants health. But in case of the pond gross pollution it should be drained, then clean the bottom, algae and underwater stones with hose, then fill it up with clean water.

All these simple procedures will help you to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of your pond for many years.