Corrosion is a deterioration process of metal that has chemical nature and proceeds when interacting with aggressive environmental factors. Corrosion occurs according to laws of nature, this is why it can’t be eliminated completely, it is possible only to slow down its proceeding or, in some cases, to suspend it.

People keep looking for different variants of metalsafe coatings for a long time. On the way of effective metalsafe coatings search there were defined two main principles of this task solution: isolating (passive or barrier) principle and principle of sacrificial (active or cathodic) protection.

Metal protection

The first metal protection method – metalsafe coating formation by interface polymer film application between metal and the aggressive element. This is the simplest and the most available method of protection: metal covering with lacquers, paints, high-built coal-tar pitch protective coatings (bitum). It is important to understand that such metalsafe coating lowers the corrosion process speed only through metal physical isolation from oxidizing compounds. The higher the coating quality and its adhesion with metal, the higher its protection efficiency factor.

The second, much more effective metalsafe coating working on principle of cathodic protection is the application to the iron of other electrochemically more active metals for corrosion protection. As a result of electrochemistry laws, when iron forms a pair with one of those metals, the corrosion attacks more active metal at the first place, while the iron corrosion suspends. In virtue of a number of zinc advantages, it was zinc metalsafe coating that has gained the largest spread. The metal galvanizing is possible in different ways: dipping into the molten zinc, zinc deposition onto the metal of electrolytic solutions under the action of current electricity, metal covering with zinc from steam at high temperature in hydrogenium atmosphere, in the form of paint.

Cold galvanizing

The use of cold galvanizing as the corrosion protection will provide strong protection of large-sized metal ware, structures of compound shape, with hidden enclosures that are impossible to be galvanized in any other way. The use of cold galvanizing doesn’t assume the use of any difficult technological equipment. Any capable adult person can manage the cold galvanizing work performance. The cost of this metalsafe coating application is much lower than the others galvanizing types. The metal ware protection with cold galvanizing works can be performed directly at the construction site.