The metal roof exploitation, despite its life duration, can’t do without current maintenance consisting of its replacement on areas the surface of which is not more than 10% of the whole roof. The metal roof current maintenance includes repair patches installation, crack control, roof painting and its damaged areas replacement.

Metal roof repair

In order to perform a qualitative metal roof repair it is necessary to have professional skills.

The repair itself is performed in several steps:

  • roof exterior check both from the inside and from the outside. It is necessary to check all the system rafters gripper-arm interfaces, because first of all there appear deformations that are caused by wood wastage or checking, but also by unfastening;
  • when the wood has started to dote, it need to be cut. And in more serious cases, when support, rafter spars and some other roofing elements section has decreased, then it needs to be fortified or replaced;
  • if all the framework elements are made of wood, it should be carefully saturated with wood preservative after its repair or replacement. But before work performance all the elements need to be installed in the same position as it is specified in the project, in order to provide its plane surface;
  • it is necessary to repair in eave coating all the fractured places, also to even eave lines and install locations;
  1. small gaps need to be cleaned of dirt, paint, rust, then it is necessary to install steal repair patches or to fill it with multigrade joint filler, and joints, where the leak has occurred, should be filled with two-component mastic;
  2. repair patches should be painted after installation. In case if the whole roof is painted in a good manner, it is better only to tint color repair patches, so they don’t stick out on the roof. Besides, roof repair is performed from the bottom upwards.

How to repair metal roofing

Metal roof repair should be performed only by skilled professionals, because it is necessary to take into account roof construction, pitch angle, drain installation spots and many other important factors.

Metal roof repair materials

Different materials are used for roof repair:

  • nonferrous metals;
  • sheet or roll steal;
  • metal tile.

Zinc roofing repair consists of leak and mechanical defects elimination. Such roofings can be of two types: profiled sheeting and seam roofing.

When the roofing erection has been performed by single welt, the leak occurs very often because of mechanical defects.

The steal roofing repair consists of defect detection and elimination. If the repair patch was installed by non-professionals, it often leads to complete roofing replacement, what can cost a lot.