Metal corrosion is a metal destruction as a result of chemical or biological interreaction with the environment. When interreacting with oxygen, water or microorganisms (biocorrosion), metal turns into rust, destructing entirely with the course of time.

Metal anticorrosive agents

In order to protect metal ware from corrosion damages, special products – metal anticorrosive agents – are used. Anticorrosive agents are called chemical compounds that, being present in corrosion system in a sufficient concentration, lower the corrosion speed without a significant concentration change of any corrosive reagent.

Anticorrosive agents are used as an admixture to different carriers, environments and metals. Products with anticorrosive agents admixtures are called rust inhibitor materials. Metal corrosion protection from the atmospheric attack when storing, transporting and operating can be accomplished in different ways using such metal protection products as: different protective coatings, lacquers, paints, primers, easily removable coatings, soft coatings, also wrapping materials.

Metal corrosion protection products

Today there exist a lot of different products that allow to protect metal from corrosion. Let’s consider in details such metal protection products as:

  • Drip-drying primer, such king of solution can be multi-operated and it has good adhesion properties. It is easy to apply to the surface and it is easy in use. Such coating is resistant to water and other chemical compounds.
  • Polyurethane primer is a one-component solution that contains solvents of organic nature. It strongly covers corrosion damaged areas. Polyurethane first coat has high adhesion properties.
  • Liquid zink has good water and weather resistance properties. Such coating can protect metal constructions for more than 20 years. Liquid zink can be applied with roller, brush and airless spray. Before applying it is better to make sure that the surface is dust-, rust- and dirt-free.
  • Zink additive polyurethane primer has good protection properties, water and environment climatic conditions resistance. Due to the metal zink in its composition, it can be used as a protective coating for pipe conduits, bridgeworks and oil pipe lines.
  • Zink additive epoxy primer. Due to active and passive protection methods combination, such coating provides metal structures corrosion protection. Such epoxy primer is a two-component one and has a large number of zink. It should be stored and transported under the temperature from 0° to +35°. When using, it is important to remember that epoxy primer is flammable and it is essential to avoid its skin and eye contact.