Corrosion is a metal surface destruction under the influence of chemical and electrochemical action of the environment. Corrosion attacks metal making it impracticable for the following operation. With the course of time it leads to the strength reduction, and in number of cases to metal ware destruction.

The quickness of corrosive processes depends on conditions in which metal ware is produced and operated. As far as it is almost impossible to eliminate the atmospheric action to metal structures, corrosion can be considered as an eternal metal fellow traveler. The process of corrosion includes four main elements. These are: cathode (or electrode, on which the cathodic reaction occurs), anode (or electrode, on which the anodic reaction occurs), electron conductor (metal that conducts current electricity) and ion conductor (liquid or electrolyte conducting current electricity).

The most important metal corrosion protection method is metal surface painting with special corrosion preventive compounds.

If the corrosion protection exists

Special metal paintwork materials application is the easiest and the most available method of corrosion protection for any metal constructions and its operation conditions.

Lacquer coatings have a number of advantages in comparison with other types of protective coatings:

  1. the simplicity of compound application;
  2. the possibility to get the coating of any color;
  3. the possibility to treat metal structures of big dimensions and complex shape;
  4. the cheapness in comparison with other types of protective coatings.

The life of metal corrosion protection depends on type and kind of utilized paintwork material. Besides, the metal working lifespan depends on the carefulness of metal surface preparation for painting.

Metal corrosion protection

There exist a number of different metal surface conditions that demand corrosion protection. The object’s age and its location, the type of previous and future aggressive conditions, the old coating features – all these factors influence the surface preparation and metal corrosion protection system.

Metal corrosion protection system selection

The metal corrosion protection scheme selection (including paintwork brand, applied layer number and general coating thickness) should be accomplished considering environmental conditions of the specific region, metal structure operating environment characteristics, also taking into account the conditions of material application and technical-and-economic efficiency of given paintwork material. Decorative properties (the surface appearance) of corrosion protection system are defined by finish (upper) layer.