Liquid rubber is a polymer-bitumen aqueous emulsion-based cold applying and flash cure two-component mastic. Liquid rubber doesn’t have any solvents in its compound and doesn’t evolves detrimental volatile organic components. The coat is manufactured bitum-based, though contains natural rubbers in some cases. As a natural rubber, the material is black-colored, flexible and waterproof.

Main characteristics

Innovative liquid rubber characteristic is in its ability to stick together with any material, regardless the blinding stage or previous coating age.

The compound is applied to a prepared surface by mechanical means using cold spraying method, forming a monolithic nonsuture membrane without joints and abutments at any geometric from and configuration surface. The liquid rubber application essential with vertical surface – it doesn’t flow down even at high temperature of the environment, ultraviolet rays proof.

Eventually the mounted membrane loses its initial qualities, because the mastic component polymer prevents the essential oil effluxion. Thus, the liquid rubber-based ecologically clean water proofing working lifespan is more than 20 years.

The membrane is fireproof, strong, flexible, it has the ultimate elongation index more than 1000%, that effectively prevents the surface cathodic disbandment. Eventually the material becomes stronger, without losing its flexibility and without demanding special handling. Liquid rubber-based water proofing can be revivified fast if necessary. Liquid rubber can be combined with water- or organosilicon-based paint.

Application domain

Liquid rubber can be applied to very different materials (steal, concrete, roofing felt). Liquid rubber membrane coating is a perfect water proofing for ponds, pools, water wells, and other hydraulic structures; thanks to its anticorrosion properties it can be used as a metallic containers, cisterns, pipe connections protection from chemical and natural substances; liquid rubber is widely used in practical shipbuilding for ship bottom treatment from vegetation and living organisms foulness, and other steal constructions.

This coating has gained widespread in automobile customizing field. It has succeeded an ethenol film that gives place to liquid rubber by many characteristics.

Liquid rubber is a high coating quality, without excessive curves, wrinkles, a nonsuture rubber mat with waterproofing uniform layer applied to a reinforcing layer of a high strength geotextile, which characterizes high wear resistance and increases the working time.