Seam tapes are used in construction, when repairing household appliances, wiring system. They are produced by industry of different types and, of course, for different purposes.

Seam tape general notion

When installing line circuit system, connecting electric equipment, building, repairing, it is necessary to create a reliable leakage, contamination protection – for this purpose the seam tape application is necessary. Seam tapes are used for mechanical damage, humidity penetration, electrical shock protection in linking spots of products of different material. The seam tape width can be of 15-19 mm. The seam tape appearance points to its quality. It should be smooth, without wrinkles, cracks, gaps in glue layer.

Seam tape types

There exist several types of seam tape: tarred tape, metal tape, reinforced tape and liquid rubber seam tape.

Tarred tape is a tape of one-layer cotton ester textile to which a layer of bitum and lubricating mineral oil mixture is applied. Such tape is used mostly for taping (sealing) of electric conductor tails.

Metal tape is a tape designed for electric works inside the building. It consists of three layers: the outer layer – a paper with silicone dipping, the inner layer – consists of soft aluminum foil, and an adhesive composition.

Reinforced tape (scotch or crepe tape) also consists of three layers: the outer layer consists of polyvinyl chloride textile reinforced with fibers, the inner layer consists of special polyethylene and an adhesive layer. As this tape is solid and attaches well, such tape protects the wiring from humidity. This tape has gained a wide spread in water pipeline and drain system joints and cuts waterproofing. It is also used for rubber tubes and asbestos cords connection.

Liquid rubber seam tape protects the wiring well and solid from corrosion, it firmly waterproofs, it has good dielectric properties.

Advice of a specialist

Specialists advise to pay attention to seam tape smell when buying it. A good seam, as a good cosmetics, doesn’t have smell at all. Strong smell means that the adhesive layer has a lot of volatile components emission of which the tape properties go down. It is necessary to check the tape adhesiveness, it should stick well. Seam tapes are produced of different colors. White color is a camouflaging one. Preventative (red, green, blue) colors are used for live conductors. For marking and sealing ground system wires a two-colored green and yellow seam tape is produced. Black seam tape is different for its ultraviolet rays, acids, alkalis mechanical loads resistance, it can withstand temperature drops from -40 to +100˚, high humidity. Before seam tape application, the sealed surface should be clear of dust and rubbish.