In spite of the high quality and durability of gutter systems, they still require regular maintenance and, when necessary, repair for damages. In some cases, the maintenance can be performed by the homeowner. For example, the gutter experts at Capital Construction note that a yearly gutter cleaning is a task that virtually any homeowner with a ladder and some gloves can perform. However, sometimes the involvement of skilled professionals is required in order to solve more serious problems, particularly if those problems require someone to clamber onto the roof.

Regular Gutter Maintenance

In order for your gutter system to serve you for the duration of its warranty, you have to regularly clean out leaves and debris that are clogging the system. Leaves and debris can cause water to pool up in the troughs and drains, which not only makes the entire gutter system inoperable, but also can cause serious damage to your roof. For example, in a major storm, water can pool up in the gutters, work its way under the ledge of your roof, and leak into the interior of your house. Alternatively, during the winter, water can pool up and freeze, cracking your gutter and roofing system, which can lead to serious damage.

Gutter System Repair

The necessity of gutter repair occurs in the following situations:

  • rust has started to occur on metal gutters
  • plastic gutters have cracks because of temperature drops
  • gutter system rattles or detaches in wind
  • leaks occur at trough or drain pipe joints
  • water moves slowly or spills out of the troughs

Sometimes in order to restore normal gutter operation it will be enough to tighten up the mounting or joint fixtures, which will eliminate rattles and leaks. However, in some cases, particularly in the case of corrosion or cracking, you may need to replace the system or look for some specialized solutions.

Leak repair

Now, let’s find out how to repair a leaking gutter. Leaking troughs can be fixed by installing repair patches made of metallic tape or galvanized steel bands. If your gutter is made of PVC, in order to repair a trough leak you can lay rubberized fabric or fiberglass bands. However, before doing this, you need to:

  • clean the damaged area carefully
  • degrease it with solvent
  • grease the repair patch area with a special solvent or with an epoxy adhesive
  • lay the repair patch and press it carefully onto the trough

Thanks to such repairs, your gutters and its elements will serve you for a long time.