The house owners – both new and old ones, sometimes face the problem when cracks start to appear on the house walls and its basement. Of course, at first they are almost inobservable and they can even not to get the house owner’s attention. But if you see such problem in your own house — this is a reason to think and to worry about the urgent problem elimination. The point is that with the course of time even the smallest cracks increase, and this is a serious reason to worry. First of all, it means that the foundation repair is needed. The foundation in such situations is not so strong enough, it can collapse, and this will lead to other dangerous consequences, even to the house destruction. So in order to avoid drastic consequences, the foundation repair should be performed in time.

Foundation repair, replacement – what to choose?

So, you have found cracks on walls or house basement. This is not the reason for panic. You only need to find out what repair is needed and to call for a professional who will solve this problem. You can determine the destruction level by yourself, or you can ask for help from specialists that will give you the detailed information. For destruction level determination the following factors are important: size and number of cracks, its increase speed, occurring of new ones.

After the determination of destruction level it will become clear how to repair a foundation wall or walls.

Foundation post repair

Foundation post repair can be performed in different ways, depending on the problem that caused the adjustment need. The effects of such repair: the subsidence stoppage, ground and foundation bearing resistance increase, posts and the whole house surface leveling. The most important in such repair is its on-time initiation.

Girder foundation repair

The very first sign of the girder foundation repair need is cracks on the house basement. In this case it is necessary to inspect carefully the foundation all around for cracks, even the smallest ones. The danger consists on the fact that humidity can penetrate in it and, freezing up and defreezing, it will damage the foundation surface. The girder foundation repair should be performed carefully and promptly because unsatisfactory works will lead to the need to repair the house each year.

Brick house foundation repair

The brick house foundation repair is the most important process, so it is essential to call for a real specialist. A master workman should have big working experience in this sphere and, at that, he should use such methods that will bring the maximum of positive results and will spend the minimum of time.