All metal structures that are being operated in open air (aboveground pipelines and capacitive equipment, metal parts of constructions, supports, bridges, elevated roads, port structures) are exposed to atmospheric corrosion.

Structure surface are inevitably exposed to humidity, ultraviolet emission, temperature differential, different kind of pollution impact when operating, what are main reasons for metal corrosion occurrence and development.

Corrosion protection is the main condition of metal structure operating life increase. The application of paintwork materials is the most widespread and effective enough atmospheric corrosion protection method from practically applied ones.

Paintwork materials

One of the best waterproof sealants for metal structures are paintwork materials. This waterproof sealant for metal structures is used since olden times, at that different types of coating are used the application efficiency of which depends on the nature of film binder, the application technology of paintwork materials and ware operation with surface conditions.

Two-component polyurethane primers and enamels

Among paintwork materials polyurethane materials provide time-proof protection. Thanks to good corrosion resistance, two-pack polyurethanes are successfully used as a multi-layer painting of different metal structures component operating in atmospheric conditions. As a rule, they serve as a material for upper coating layers and significantly provide its life duration.

One-component polyurethane primers and enamels

One-component polyurethane paintwork materials are primers and enamels thermosetting by air humidity. Polyurethane materials have high atmospheric resistance in all climatic zones, including regions with aggressive industrial atmosphere.

Zinc-containing paintwork materials

Zinc-containing paintwork materials refer to one of the best waterproof sealants for metal, that provide cathodic protection of carbon steel. Zinc protective properties are conditioned upon more lower electro-chemical potential (-0,76 В) in comparison to the iron (-0,44 В), so in electro-chemical couple zinc-iron, that occur in the presence of electrolyte, zinc fulfills a function of anode.

Organosilicate compositions

The organosilicate-based coatings protective action is conditioned upon the use of silicone polymers with high hydrophobic behavior, upon the application of fillers with particles of lamellate lamination, the high level of film binder structure firming with fillers, the passivating and corrosion protective action of non-organic colorants and fillers.