Basement Waterproofing New York

The basement is an important part of the home and flooding is the most common problems that can occur. The main causes of basement flooding are the clay bowl effect and hydro-static pressure. For the clay bowl effect, this is where a hole is dug to make room for the basement. The contractor may dig a bigger hole, meaning the soil, which was dug out known as the back-fill has to fill the gap left by the house. This soil will be looser than that which was untouched and will easily absorb water, making it easier for the basement to flood.

In the case of hydro-static pressure, this is when the soil around your home is soaked with water and as water is heavy, it presses on your foundation and water works its way into your basement. This can be through the concrete cracks, pipes or basement windows. Water can also get into the basement through the foundation wall-floor joint.

Waterproofing on the other hand does not have to do with ground water. It is also important to be cautious about your home plumbing as well as the washing machine and water heater.

How then do you dry a wet basement? By stopping the entry of water from the point where it enters. The best way to do this, especially for floods caused by wall-floor joints is by installing a perimeter drainage system.

The importance of waterproofing your basement is that you increase the usable space in your home, reduce energy cost, avoid health risks, protect your investment, and you will definitely have peace of mind.

Waterproofing foundation products New York

Finished basement wall insulation

Basement walls have their own unique challenges. What you use upstairs will not necessarily work for the basement. Some of the products used for basement walls are such as:

Finished basement wall insulation– these are made of advanced silverGlo graphite-infused foam insulation. It is 2 inches thick with r-13 insulation. They create a protective blanket around the basement.

Rigid plastic wall panels-they reduce the chances of water passing through. Water seepage through the walls is directed to the drainage system. They are easy and quick to install. They are usually attached to the basement wall using plastic drilled-in fasteners.

The floor is also an important aspect when it comes to basement waterproofing. Some of the products that can be used include:

Washer hoses– there is always the risk of flooding when you do not turn off the water valves of your washing machine. Using washer hoses is designed to endure high water pressure. They are perfect to reduce the chances of bursting the washing machine hoses which flood the basement.

Water heater flood protection– this protects the basement from the leaks and floods from a failing water heater. It is a PVC ring that is sealed around the basement of the water tank. You can also have a water watch alarm that detects flooding.

Roof waterproofing New York

Water coming from the roof can cause a significant amount of damage to a house, be it commercial, industrial or residential. Leaking roofs can cause a lot of costly damage if they are not addressed.

In New York there are many types of roof waterproofing type, some of which you can do yourself while others need a contractor. There are waterproofing systems for shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs and even flat roofs. These waterproofing systems stop and prevent leaks so as to prolong the life of your roof. They also help to reduce the chances of you having to invest in costly roof replacement or substrate repairs. Most of the roof waterproofing products are coatings.

Best waterproofing contractors in New York

  • Vulcan Basement Waterproofing New York – this is one of the oldest waterproofing companies in New York. It was started in the 1950’s.
  • Avalon waterproofing – they pride in waterproofing professionals who have years of experience. They tackle big to small projects and have a full list of customer reviews.
  • GR General Contractors NY – This company has been in service for the last 20 year or so since 1990. They are specialized in a wide variety of waterproofing projects.
  • Empire roofing and waterproofing – they have also been in business for about 20 years. They major on roofing and waterproofing for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

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