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Prevent & fix leakage problems through basement waterproofing New Jersey written by: evapatoe1 The basement is a region which serves as the lumber room fora variety of equipment and machinery of a building. The basement is in fact the most important place of a building as the whole structure of the building stands on it and it should be very strong to hold the weight of the building. Moreover, the underground room of a structure should be secluded from all types of water blogging, dampness, etc. So to make this basement an area away from mishap, the most significant thing to be reserved in mind is to make the area waterproof.

Basement Waterproofing refers to practices that are used to prevent water from going into the basement of a home or other building. A waterproofing can be made more effective by including both drainage and sealers into it. It is in fact the most important task which should be carried out while making a building. It is also important in those areas which can have raised the ground water which can increase the water level below the soil, thus giving a challenge to the building. This in turn will cause an increase in hydrostatic pressure below the soil. An increased hydrostatic pressure will cause the water to leak in the foundation walls resulting in drainage issues.

There can be various ways to make a basement waterproof

The three actions which are specifically designed to prevent this problem vary from each other in principles and design. The three techniques are:

  • Sealers for interior wall as well as floors: It is the most commonly used ways to deal with water leaking. In this, any kind of opening, cracks or other pipe penetrations are sealed. This is done with the help of epoxies or urethane forcibly injected into the gap of the foundation
  • Interior water drainage: This system is the most widely accepted forms of drainage. It functions by draining subversive water from alongside the establishment footers and below the basement floor. This provides maximum duration for an effective drainage
  • Exterior drainage of water in combination with waterproof coatings: When the reason behind the wetness is condensation, then this type of exterior drainage works best. In this, basement waterproofing is done by using inside coatings. But it can only be used in minor dampness as it is not effective for major leaks.

There are various companies which provide basement waterproofing New Jersey. They not only give the best techniques which can make your building a waterproof area, but can also fix the error which is causing leakage or dampness in your house. Moreover, these companies also provide services when the building is starting to be manufactured so that a strong base is prepared which will not cause leakage in the future.

Basement Waterproofing

The right waterproofing solution for a structure depends upon a number of factors regarding the type of construction of the building and the problem occurred. If your neighbor had the same problem but the waterproofing company has suggested you a different option, maybe it is due to a different type of construction in the basement. While taking the final decision regarding how to fix the problem, you should think about a long term solution to keep your home safe. Some of the commonly suggested basements waterproofing solutions are

  • French drain system – It is probably the earliest of the drainage systems used as it is being used for more than a hundred years now. Using this system ensures very less chances of facing a situation like water leakage.
  • Exterior basement waterproofing – If after several years of construction, your basement is showing signs of damage and water leak, an external basement waterproofing solution may promise you assured results. If this solution has been put forward as a workable way out by the basement waterproofing New Jersey, you can think of installing such a system without giving it a second thought.
  • Polyurethane injection method – It can be an effective solution if the basement has developed cracks due to extensive pressure on the walls or water leakage. It is a cost effective method and will ensure no water enters from the cracks appeared. It involves filling up of cracks by a material that prevents further water seepage.

These and various other waterproofing solutions can be suggested by the professionals depending upon the cause of the issue. Apart from these, here are some tips that homeowners should keep in mind while opting for waterproofing –

  • Make proper provisions for letting out the ground water, roof water and household waste water. It is the main cause of leakage.
  • Direct the waste water to gutter or drainage with the help of PVC pipes.
  • If water spouts have been installed in your lawn, keep them at a large distance from your home’s foundation. Keep the water sprayed under control.
  • If you have installed flower beds around your home, maintain a distance between the two so as to avoid water seepage. If you do not have any idea about how much distance should be maintained, consult an expert.
  • It is always appropriate to consult some companies before starting to build a house or any other place to have a complete drainage plan so as to have a safe and leakproof living in the future.

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