Basement Waterproofing Illinois

Basement waterproofing is an essential consideration for anyone who is constructing a new basement with the intention to use it for habitable accommodation or storage. Too often people fail to give basement waterproofing high priority and as a result, an inappropriate and cheap basement waterproofing option is used to try and fit into an unrealistic budget. Often this results in failure and can also lead to losses that can be disastrous to the owner’s property or building.

Basement Water Proofing Illinois

Basement maintenance is too often a debated and heated topic among a majority of homeowners, as potential ongoing repairs and continuous maintenance can be quite expensive. This process is not considered as a requirement by many in Illinois but can be eventually quite beneficial. Water in the soil leaking into the basement is a huge problem that has troubled many homeowners in Illinois for many years. The water will find its way into the basement through the floor, walls and joints between them and can cause a lot of property damage if not properly handled. Your home or property is no doubt one of your biggest investment in your life, so having a good basement should be top priority.

Waterproofing Foundation Products Illinois

Basement waterproofing does not only require the right approach, but also choosing the right foundation products that will get the job done. Thanks to the significant advances in technology over the past decade, basement waterproofing foundation products in Illinois have now become more affordable and much more efficient than before. Locating devices, video camera, coating compounds and waterproofing paints have made basement waterproofing a much more exact science.

Various foundation waterproofing products can keep your basement free from water damage and dry. Some of them include:

  • Acrylic Coating

The acrylic coating can be used as a sealant on the exterior of a home or the interior of a basement that has foundation walls above the ground. The coating can be easily sprayed or painted onto stucco or block walls. One waterproofing product that is acrylic based is Tuffcrete.

  • Liquid Rubber Coating

Liquid rubber coating can be easily painted onto basement surfaces, and it is excellent for waterproofing a property that is frequently exposed to wet conditions or flooding. Liquid rubber sealants like Rubberize can bond to most construction materials. It can be used not only as a way to waterproof a basement but also can repair a crack or leaky roof in a garden fountain.

  • Drylok

Another very popular foundation product is Drylock. It works on several surfaces including stucco, concrete blocks, retaining walls and bricks. It is applied to the walls of the basement just as one would paint to walls of a home.

Roof Waterproofing Illinois

One of the best practices for a homeowner in Illinois is to provide proper maintenance to the roof. Chimney leaks, broken tiles, cracked tiles, perished waterproofing membrane, sun damage and bolts all are things that leave your roof vulnerable to leaking. Having a good and reputable company carry out roof waterproof services right from the installation is essential to preventing water damage into your home. You should also make it as a routine to have a waterproof roof profession inspect your roof at least once in every three years. There may be a leak that can go unseen or unheard leading to significant damages to the ceiling.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement Waterproofing Illinois
The basement waterproofing solutions in Illinois will vary for each house. The most common solutions implemented are:

  • Interior sub floor drainage
  • Exterior excavation
  • Negative side sealant
  • Interior baseboard systems

Using quality products and experienced technicians can install basement waterproofing solutions with ease. Before they can start working, the contractor will carry out a thorough inspection of the site to find out the source of water and assess the damaged caused.

Best Waterproofing Contractors in Illinois

1. Atlas Restoration LLC

Atlas Restoration has offered waterproofing service for three decades now. Also, there provide other services like drain tile systems, flood restoration and crawl space liners.

2. KC Universal Services

KC Universal services are very professional at their work. They have top priority when it comes to customer satisfaction.

3. General Moisture Solutions

They have been inthis field for a very long time and always provide top quality work.

4. Chicagoland Waterproofing

They have been providing waterproofing services since 1974 for businesses and homeowners. They guarantee their work with a warranty for a lifetime warranty.

5. RM Concrete Specialist

They are a locally operated company that has been in operation since 1998. Their main specialty is waterproofing and concrete restoration.

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