Basement Waterproofing Georgia

The foundations of a home tend to crack as the house settles. These cracks lead to rain water seeping through into the basement. Leaks also happen and at times it is to the extent of the basement flooding with water. This is not the bad part. At times the walls of the basement get soaked with water that you cannot see. It causes the risk of mildew, mold and structural damage. This is a health hazard in waiting to happen if not addressed.

Basement waterproofing is very important to keep the basement dry at all times. When the basement is dry, you are assured of a storage space or finished space. Most waterproofing companies in Georgia provide both exterior and interior waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing is whereby, the dirt that is against your wall is excavated. The footer tiles are then replaced. The walls are sealed with a waterproof membrane and then it is covered back with gravel and back-fill.

Interior basement waterproofing involves all the work that is done inside the basement. Drain tiles are installed next to the outside wall. This acts as a funnel that leads water from the foundation to the drainage. The drain is covered with gravel to keep it clean and the drain is connected to a sump pump for water discharge.

Georgia waterproofing companies will also ensure that your water heater is in good condition to prevent flooding. Washer hoses are also a consideration to ensure that the washing machine pipes do not burst.

When your basement is waterproof both in the interior and exterior, you are assured of many benefits such as: a cleaner and healthier environment, lower energy bills, increase in property value, increased living space, warmer basement during winter, and ultimate peace of mind.

Waterproofing foundation products Georgia

Basement Waterproofing Georgia

Dry-Tec System– this is a system that collects seepage to keep the soil under the foundation of your home dry. It is the use of patented laser-guided equipment to waterproof the basement. It keeps away water and dampness from the basement.

Wall Vapor Barrier– this is a barrier that is created to control vapor movement and seepage from the outside until you are ready to finish your basement. It is advisable to use pre-finishing wall systems for moisture and condensation free walls.

Dry-Tec Wall Pre-Finish System– this is the perfect system for basement finishing. A 1.5-inch foam insulation with dual vapor barrier is put on the basement wall. It prevents condensation and vapor movement and forces the seepage to a concrete gutter that is under the floor. Mold resistant material is the best for wall finishing.

Dry-Tec Capillary Floor System– the walls are not the only areas that should be waterproofed. The floor is also important. Basement floors can become sweaty and damp. This system will rectify even a poor quality concrete and you will have a shiny new floor. A Dry-Tec channel is placed between the existing foundation and floor as well as a vapor barrier.

Roof Waterproofing Georgia

The basement is not the only point of concern when it comes to waterproofing. The roof is also very important. It is very important to check on the type of roofing for your home as poor roofing can wreak havoc. Georgia waterproofing companies offer a wide array of waterproofing solutions for the roof such as:

  • Self-adhering sheet membranes
  • Composite rubberized asphalt membranes
  • Fluid applied membranes
  • Bituminous and thermoplastic sheet membranes
  • Elastomeric coating and flashing services.

Most of the companies will also offer inspection services for the roof and facility so as to ensure the waterproofing system that is recommended will be effective and comprehensive. Areas around the chimney are thoroughly considered.

When the roof is waterproofed, there are reduces chances of biological growth and vegetation as well as rotting. This can spread to the ceiling and walls of your home. This may cause a weak and unstable structure. Waterproofing will seal cracks, stop leaks and keep the roof strong.

Best waterproofing contractors in Georgia

  • Aqua guard Foundation Solutions– this company has been in service for Georgia residents for over 20 years. It offers patented system for basement waterproofing. It has received several awards and certifications and quite a number of reviews.
  • Georgia waterproofing– this company offers a wide range of services that have to do with waterproofing. They offer services 24/7 and brag of being the best in when it comes to waterproofing.
  • Basement Systems, Inc.- it has been in business since 1987. They use exclusive and patented products for their services.

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