basement waterproofing florida

Adverse climatic conditions in Florida such as constant sunshine, warm climate and high precipitation has negative consequences on the home basement and walls in Florida. The weather effects leads to basement space seepage. This makes the basement to be humid, moldy, and unhealthy and wet forcing the home residents to leave their basement rooms or their homes. Additionally, the climatic conditions leads to basement air being dusty, and have an odors that spread to other rooms in the home. To stop and prevent the molds and moisture from going basement, basement waterproofing must be carried out.

Basement waterproofing Florida

The basement waterproofing includes: drying basement, controlling humidity, mitigating mold, which gives homeowners greater home value and peace of mind. Basement water seepage is caused by using solvent concrete sealers chemical which allows the basement to have moisture that degrade the basement concrete. The moisture in effect forms dampness which leads to mold growth, humid conditions and unhealthy basement.
To mitigate the development of moisture due to use of solvent coating materials, many Florida developers are using Asphalt coating. An example of such improved coating system used is the deco concrete sealer that blocks moisture which helps to prevent mold development in the home basement.

Waterproofing process:

The process of waterproofing can be done in various stage of the home development. These stages are:

  • New foundations by putting either waterproof or dam proof on the basement
  • Basement waterproofing on existing foundation. This involves remedial repairs on damaged foundation and walls
  • Wall sealers. This where the waterproofing is done on the brick and concrete walls to make it water-tight.

Waterproofing foundation products Florida

In Florida there are a number of basement waterproofing products available to you when you are looking for good products to create water-tight basements. The products include:

  • Foundation crack repair pack: this includes polyurethane and epoxy that can be used by both you, the homeowner and the contractor. The pack is good for sealing leaking cracks in basement walls.
  • Concrete sealer: the sealer is sprayed on the walls of the basement to prevent harmful soil gases from seeping through causing moistening of the wall leading to mold development.
  • Basement wall coating: Coating like Emeke 100, is a cement coating which blocks moisture and vapor and make bright space in the walls.
  • Basement dehumidifiers: this provides an additional layer to the basement to prevent moisture by capturing small particle of mold.
  • Baseboard: provides waterproofing to top floor. The baseboard is easy to install and give homes clean appearance.
  • Basement drainage system: the system allows water to pass through from cove joint to the drain. It is good for new construction and existing basement that requires repair.
  • Sump pumps and battery backups: the pump is used to keep your home dry by draining out moisture from the basement.
  • Concrete crack repair: this is used in the floors and slabs to [prevent water and gas infiltration.
  • Pipe penetration pack: it creates a barrier around gas pipe, sewer and water.

Roof waterproofing Florida

Roof waterproofing involves putting a membrane in the roof system to prevent any leaks and water seepage. Depending on the material used, the roof can have pores due to corrosion. The roof proofing methods which can be used are:

  • TPO roofing design
  • Modified roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Shingles roofing method
  • Specialized polyurethane foam sprays.

Just like the basement the roof waterproofing can be done on; new roofs, roof replacements and roof repair and maintenance.
The material used for roof waterproofing are;

  • Stoned coated metal roof file which includes; bonds, Shakes, shingle, classic, Lima and roman
  • PVC gutter system
  • Aluminum gutter system
  • Metal roof sheet
  • Colorful stone chips
  • UPVC roof

Best waterproofing contractors in Florida

Florida is blessed with a number of specialized waterproofing contractors. If you are looking for a contractor that will do a quality waterproofing, you can select one from the list of top qualified contractors and get you waterproofing needs sorted. Some of the best waterproofing contractor in Florida include:

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